There are many ways to become a Premuim Member. Please visit this URL https://www.jain4jain.com/payment-options.php for more details.
The registration procedure on http://wwwjain4jain.com is very easy, you can easily register on jain4jain.com and post your profile.
Step-1: All you need to do is, Click 'FREE REGISTRATION' on the home page then fill out all the required information in Form as accurately as possible and click on the ‘Register me at https://www.jain4jain.com' button.
Step-2: submit your partners’ profile (as per your desire & expectation about the kind of spouse you are looking for) and click on the ‘Submit partners profile button’. Only After completing 2 steps you will be registered and you can login to the site.
After registration you will get a mail in your registered mail id. You need to activated your id & upload your proof of address & photo ID proof.
Photo Upload: You can add image of gif, jpg, jpeg, png type while completing 2 steps at the time of registration or after regsitration, you can log-in and upload the images.
Yes you can! In the registration form you can specify your relationship with the person on whose behalf you're registering to jain4jain.com. Register Now with jain4jain.com and post your matrimonial profile
After Login to your jain4jain.com you can edit your profile, change password, update image, etc.
Yes you can. To hide your matrimonial profile , all you need to do is to login to Jain4jain.com. Click Hide Profile under‘Manage Your Profile’ to the left of your screen. Then it will be hidden for all members of jain4jain.com Matrimonial.
You get lots of FREE services when you register on Jain4jain.com.
You can post your personal profile on jain4jain.com.
You can contact other members via jain4jain.com.
You can respond to members contacted you via jain4jain.com.
You can add more information about yourself and your family.
You can even upload/add your photograph to your profile.
You can create a partner profile of the kind of person you are looking for.
You can get profile statistics about how many people viewed your profile, how many contacted you and how many people match your partner profile. You can bookmark the profiles that you like as 'Favorites' to view later.
Register Now with Jain4jain.com and post your matrimonial profile
Absolutely nothing! Registration on Jain4jain.com Matrimonial as basic member is always FREE!!! Register Now with Jain4jain.com and post your matrimonial profile. Your can upgrade yourself as Premium Member. As a Premium Member you can also send a personalized message to all members of jain4jain.com. To know more about premium membership click here
Registration and profile creation on Jain4jain.com can be completed in less than 10 minutes. In two easy steps you can register with Jain4jain.com and post your matrimonial profile on our website. In third step (optional) you can upload your photo.
No! only * marked columns are compulsory fields to fill. Matrimony is very important and integra part of our life. The more information you provide about yourself the more likely you are to be contacted by other members of Jain4jain.com Matrimonial. So please do take the time and effort to complete your profile. Register Now with Jain4jain.com and post your matrimonial profile.
No. All the compulsory fields have to be filled in order to complete the registration and matrimonial profile creation process. These compulsory fields provide essential information about you to other members who view your profile. Register Now with Jain4jain.com and post your matrimonial profile.
Manglik is a criteria determined by the position of the stars at the time of your birth. It is generally calculated using the date & time of birth and the Horoscope. Manglik generally implies that there are some negative forces of matrimony that influence your life. In the case of Jain weddings, it is preferred if a Manglik boy enters into a matrimonial alliance with a Manglik girl and vice versa. The theory being that 2 negatives make a positive. The Manglik option is important to only those people who are particular about horoscopes. If you 're not sure about whether you're a Manglik then you may select the 'Don't Know' option as an answer.
These details are usually of interest for matching horoscopes. You may leave these details blank (If the field is not compulsory field) if you are not sure of answers to these questions. However, we recommend that you try and find these answers and enter them later. This information will be useful in getting horoscopes for better matrimonial matches.
A Profile ID uniquely identifies your profile on Jain4jain.com. Every member of Jain4jain.com has a unique Profile ID. The Profile ID appears at the top of every profile. If your Profile ID were X then it would appear as 'X' s Profile'. Your Profile ID is also used when you login to Jain4jain.com.
Choose a Profile ID that suits your profile and personality. Your Profile ID can contain only alphabets, numbers and the underscore ( _ ) character. The length of the Profile ID should be between 4 and 10 letters.
Do not use your matrimonial profile to display your contact details. Do not make commercial use of it and do not include content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist.
This is because the Profile ID you chose has already been registered by another member of Jain4jain.com. You must choose a Profile ID that has not yet been registered by any other member yet. Register Now with Jain4jain.com and post your matrimonial profiles
The partner profile describes your preferences for a matrimony partner. Other members can view your partner profile and if they think that their profile matches your preferences, they can contact you. Your partner profile will be displayed along with your personal profile to all https://www.jain4jain.com members. You can edit your partner profile any time you want. You just click 'Edit Partner Profile link' on home page. You can also create/edit your Partner Profile using our Advanced Search feature after logging in.
To search for your matrimonial partner you can use the 'Jain Matrimonial Search', the 'Advanced Search' or you can browse the 'Search Bio-data' on the left side of the home page. The 'Jain Matrimonial Search' allows you to find your partners on the basis of the city, country they live in, education, their gotra. The 'Advanced Search' option gives you more detailed search options. The additional search options include height, education, occupation, marital status, whether they have children, complexion, etc. The 'Search Bio-data' lets you view all Bio-data available on database.
While you login to the site, You will see a list of members whose matrimonial partner profile matches your personal profile.
Yes you can. Jain4jain.com is the only successful matrimonial service that allows you to contact potential partners for free. You can do this only after login to the site. By using the ‘Initiate Contact with Profile ID now’ button found at the bottom of each profile. This will let the member know that you are interested in thems. However, you will need to be a Premium Member to send personal messages to other members. Your chances of getting a response increase 100 times, if you send personalized messages. So we recommend that you sign up for a premium membership. Members who have a free subscription to jain4jain.com can only contact or reply to messages that they receive from other Premium Members.
Yes you can. The Favorites feature of jain4jain.com will help you do this. To use this feature, you need to be logged in. in the every profile, click the option 'Add to Favorites'. To view the list Favorites, login to jain4jain.com. Under "Your Profile Statistics", click on 'Your Favorites'. You will be shown the list of your favorite profiles. You may also remove profiles from this option if you want.
It is optional. But Our profile statistics show that adding a photo to your matrimonial profile increases the number of times your profile is viewed by up to 10 times. You are likely to receive 10 times as many responses if you attach a photo. The most viewed profiles are those that have a photo. Either you add your photo at the time of registration. Or to attach a photograph latter all you need to do is :- i) Log on to http://wwwjain4jain.com then click ‘Upload Photo’ link under ‘Add/Edit, heading. ii) Click the browse button and select a file to upload from your computer. Click ‘Upload File’ button.
Yes you can change your password easily when ever you required. Click 'Change Your Password' on the right side of the home page. You have to logged in. Or you can logged in directly. Then click 'Change my password' on the right side. Then click 'Update my password' .Your new password will be mailed to you.
This link will allow you to contact Customer Relations who will get back to you within 24 hours.